Words of Love Book Signing: With Sarah MacLean, Kieran Kramer, and Maya Rodale

29 Apr

WORD: Romance Signing 8

Back when I first started blogging, I kept coming across Sarah MacLean‘s name on a lot of other book blogs. The more time I spent on Goodreads, the more I noticed her books popping up on friends’ TBR lists. After reading so many rave reviews, I finally broke down and read her first adult romance “Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake” and promptly fell in love.

I hadn’t read any romance since I was a teenager. And even then, V.C. Andrews’ novels– what I mostly read- are more akin to  psychological terrorism than romance. (Not sure what I mean? Read My Sweet Audrina. It’s still giving me nightmares 10 years later).  After reading 2 of Sarah’s novels, I went on a bit of a romance kick. So I was completely overjoyed to hear she would be in Brooklyn the night after her newest book’s (“Eleven Scandals…”) release, with 2 other celebrated Regency romance novelists Kieran Kramer, and Maya Rodale.

WORD: Romance Signing 9

I had never been to WORD in Greenpoint, Brooklyn before. But I’ll definitely be going back! It’s an incredibly cute little bookstore, and only about 15 minutes from my apartment. They host a lot of great events too, so next time an author I like is making an appearance, I won’t miss it!

The ladies of WORD had set up all kinds of fancy treats for the night’s guests. Champagne, scones, and clotted cream (which I had never tried!) were a total hit.

WORD: Romance Signing 7

After a short time, a Q&A with all 3 authors began. I wish someone would have videotaped it! Sarah, Maya, and Kieran had the best chemistry of any group of authors I’ve ever encountered. They answered questions submitted over email, and told stories about deadlines, coming up with titles, and what lies in their future. Kieran especially had some crazy stories, about her time working for the CIA, and what a Scotsman *really* wears under his kilt! The entire audience was laughing throughout the night.

WORD: Romance Signing 6

I was especially excited to learn that Sarah’s next series, a quartet, is about 4 scandalous men who start England’s first casino. Luckily, book one is out this December!

After the Q&A, the authors signed books and spoke to fans upstairs:

WORD: Romance Signing 5

I’m so glad I got a chance to meet and talk with all three of these amazing women. Hearing the back stories behind the books, and the writing process was great! I feel like I learned a lot about what it takes to write a GOOD romance novel. Sarah, Maya and Kieran were so nice too! 

After getting my books signed and having a little chat, I got my photo taken with each author. Please pardon the crazy hair: next time it’s grossly humid, and I’m rushing to a book signing, I will look in a mirror before putting my hair in a bun! ; )

WORD: Romance Signing 4
Me and Sarah.

WORD: Romance Signing 3
Me and Maya.

WORD: Romance Signing 2
Kieran and I.

My review of Eleven Scandals… should be up sometime in the next week. And I can’t wait to read Maya and Kieran’s newest books too. Thanks to all 3 author and WORD for such an amazing event!

WORD: Romance Signing 1


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