Where Have I Been?

31 Jan

I decided to take a short break from this blog in order to get some prep work done for the upcoming season of New York Fashion Week. But I never thought I’d disappear for two weeks! For those that might not be aware, my “day job” is working as a photographer. Shooting cool stuff like this:

Gwen Stefani (and Kingston Rossdale!) at her L.A.M.B Runway Show, Sept. 2010.

I freelance, and maintain a fashion blog, so I sometimes have mountains of free time to do nothing but read, and blog, and other times…not so much. At times it’s definitely hard keeping two completely unrelated blogs regularly updated. But recently it became a bit impossible. Scheduling 40+ shows, and pre-show backstage visits between myself, and my second photographer is tough! Luckily, despite sending something obscene like 50 emails a day coordinating everything, I’ve kept reading books. So I’ll have plenty of amazing reviews to post in the coming days. I’m even scheduling some reviews to post during fashion week– a time when I definitely will not have a single free moment to blog. If you’re both a book and fashion lover like me, you can keep up with all my nyfw activities over at my photo blog, The Greyest Ghost.

In the mean time, thanks for being patient! Good thing this only happens twice a year! ; )


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