11 Must Reads of 2011, Part Two: Witches of East End

16 Dec

Melissa de la Cruz
Melissa de la Cruz, via her official site.

Witches of East End is New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz’s first venture into adult fiction. The new series follows the Beauchamp family, a family of three women living in the fictional town of North Hampton, who fight evil with witchcraft.

Yesterday, Melissa sent out her reader newsletter with an excerpt from the letter included at the beginning of the Witches ARC:

The Beauchamp family is composed of three fearsomely powerful women–the formidable matriarch, Joanna, and her two daughters, bookish Ingrid and wild child Freya, who have had to suppress their true magical nature for many centuries. Their story is about the joys and pains of motherhood, sisterhood, relationships, friendships, touching upon themes of loss, resurrection, true love, discovering your inner strength and female power.

I’m absolutely thrilled to write for an adult audience, as many of my Blue Bloods readers have grown up with the series, I jumped at the opportunity to create a new cast of characters to hold dear. In a cool twist, the universe of my witches crosses with that of my vampires: Freya makes an appearance in Bloody Valentine, and Blue Blood regulars Mimi Force and Oliver Hazard-Perry’s journey takes them to consult with the Beauchamp witches.

This book is a fun, delicious, sexy and frothy romp that includes star-crossed lovers, zombies, vampires and the history of Salem, a ride that begins on the beaches of the fictional town of North Hampton and leads all the way to Valhalla. I’ve always been obsessed with the tragic and beautiful tales from Norse mythology and I hope you too, will enjoy the magical, witchy soap opera that is the Witches of East End.

A little google sleuthing led me to this description of the book on Hyperion’s site:

“It’s the beginning of summer in North Hampton, and beautiful Freya Beauchamp is celebrating her engagement to wealthy Bran Gardiner, the heir to Fair Haven and Gardiners Island. But Freya is drawn to Bran’s gorgeous but unreliable brother Liam, and sparks fly when the two decide to play a dangerous game of desire, following an ancient story of love, betrayal and tragedy that harks back to the days of Valhalla.

Witches of East End follows the Beauchamp family—the formidable matriarch Joanna and her daughters Freya and Ingrid. Freya, a sexy bartender, has a potion to cure every kind of heartache, while Ingrid, the local librarian, solves complicated domestic problems with her ability to tie magical knots. Joanna is the witch to see when modern medicine has no more answers; her powers can wake the dead. Everything seems to be going smoothly until a young girl, Molly Lancaster, goes missing after taking one of Freya’s irresistible cocktails. As more of the town’s residents begin disappearing, everyone seems to have the same suspects in mind: the Beauchamp women.

Fraught with love affairs and witchcraft, Witches of East End will capture any reader who craves a page-turning, heart-stopping story of myth and magic from an author who knows how to deliver”.

I also found a cover image, but I’ll refrain from posting it because it’s not the final version. The real cover is set to be revealed on January 7th on EW’s Shelf Life blog.

I’ve been a MdlC fan since the Au Pairs series, so I’m thrilled to see her venturing into the world of adult fiction. I was luck enough to meet Melissa at a signing back in 2007, and not only is she an amazing author, she’s also incredibly sweet. Witches, vampires, zombies, romance, mystery, Norse mythology (!!!), a Hamptons setting, Blue Bloods character crossovers, plus Melissa’s spirited storytelling? Sounds like the perfect recipe for an exciting new series!

Summer 2011 can’t come soon enough!

Witches of East End will be released by Hyperion, June 21, 2011.

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