Vampire Academy: Korean Editions

8 Dec

VA Korea 5
Inside covers: with Rose and Lissa on Book 1, and Dimitri  on Book 2.

A few people I’ve spoken to have expressed interest in the Korean editions of Vampire Academy that I had Richelle Sign last night. So I thought I’d share some more photos and information on the books.
I’m really not sure why book two was renamed Sad Illusion. That sounds more like the name of a K-Pop boy band, than a translation of “Frostbite”.

VA Korea 6
The outside covers.

I’ve been collecting signed books for over ten years, and sometimes buy special foreign editions of my favorite authors’ works. After seeing the books on a VA fan site, I knew they were just too beautiful not to have. The detailed illustrations are even more amazing in person.

VA Korea 1

After a little google sleuthing, I managed to track down copies at a Korean book store in LA. (It’s times like these having past job experience as a researcher really comes in handy!)

VA Korea 3

I’m hoping I can add Shadow Kiss to my collection soon:
Shadow Kiss: Korea

No, sadly I can’t read Korean. But I’ll keep these beautiful editions of one of my favorite book series in my collection forever.


One Response to “Vampire Academy: Korean Editions”

  1. prncssjm October 25, 2011 at 7:31 AM #

    Do you know where I can buy these editions online?

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